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We are confident that you’ll find it easy to Shewee, even liberating, but here are some instructions for you in case you aren’t sure....

1. Undo trousers
2. Push underwear to one side
3. Place Shewee gently against the body with the outlet pipe directed away from you
4. Aim urine to a suitable place – away from feet, into a toilet or a container
5. When finished, pull Shewee forwards to wipe and catch any drips (liquid repellent surface ensures no drips)
6. Place your reusable Shewee back into a bag or resealable container


Tip! Practice with Shewee in the shower to find the best position for you.

Shewee is washable by hand or machine and can withstand temperatures up to 120˚C

Urine is sterile on leaving the body.

We doubt you will need it, but for a more detailed tip....

Make sure the Shewee is held in the correct position by not pushing the Shewee tightly against the body. Hold the Shewee with almost 1mm between it and the labia majora, the 'pointy end' can then be firmly placed against your perineum, but a little gap at the front will ensure that your body does not ‘fill’ the Shewee – therefore allowing you to be able to see the urine going into the funnel and leaving more room for the urine to pass freely. The Shewee should be held outside the body at all times. If in doubt, hold your Shewee under a fully flowing tap and see that it will not 'fill up', 'back up' or 'overflow' when you have the angle correct.

Still unsure if Shewee is for you? Give us a call on 01737 819400.

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