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Alan Carr and Little Mix love Shewee on Chatty Man!

Alan Carr and Little Mix love Shewee on Chatty Man!










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Shewee is the award winning portable urinating device for women. Shewee allows women to urinate whilst standing and without removing clothes.

Shewee and its complimentary product range are ideal products for camping, travelling, festivals, long car journeys, and any kind of outdoor pursuit where the toilet facilities are absent or less than desirable.

Shewee is easy to use, discreet, reusable, lightweight and it fits in a pocket.

Shewee is available on NHS prescription for all types of medical purposes.

Shewee is NATO approved and supplied to armed forces worldwide.

Uncomfortable squatting, sitting on unhygienic toilets and embarrassing bare bottoms are officially a thing of the past!

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